Genesis Pharms loves to share, and we know videos are a fun and informative way to do that. A few of these are only available on YouTube. In those cases, we’ve provided the link, so don’t be alarmed if you suddenly find yourself there, and please come back!

Our own Sean Beeman discusses RSO Suppositories

Sean Beeman from Genesis Pharms and his discussion about some of the best methods for using cannabis for serious conditions. Cannabis isn’t just a recreational substance there are methods to use it which don't involve getting “high” or physically altered AT ALL even with high THC extracts which have proven to help normalize issues with chronic pain and help avoid considerable suffering.

Eugene Cannabis TV interviews Sean Beemen about delivery sytems

Sean Beeman from Genesis Pharms gets the word out whenever and whereever he can. This interview, from a few years back, is informative and inspiring. Sit back and have a listen. You could discover something you, a friend, or family member could use.

Take a tour of Genesis Pharms with Deviated Docs

The plants at Genesis Pharms are magnificent in this video by Deviated Docs. Come along on a journey to central Oregon to check out some of the best plants the state has to offer.

Note: Because this video is age restricted based on community guidelines, the button will take you directly to YouTube for viewing. Come on back when you’re done!

Deviated Docs’ mini-documentary highlighting Veterans, PTSD & Cannabis

There are countless stories of veterans utilizing medical marijuana to treat PTSD and other symptoms associated with serving. Genesis Pharms is in the business of helping people, first and foremost.

If you are in need of immediate help please contact the veteran's crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 or text @ 838255

Kids can benefit from Medical Marijuana too?!

In this piece by Deviated Docs featuring young Valerie, we learn how medical marijuana can help kids too. Follow along her journey in this sensitive video featuring Valerie, her mom, and some experts in the field.

Cannabis cures cancer? Watch the full mini-documentary here

Anthony Mugica and Justin Wilcke dive deep into the world of medical cannabis to explore the possibility of the plants anti-tumor effects. Watch them as the meet with doctors, patients and growers to find out what people have to say. We’re here for it!

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