Personal Massage Oil

Patients using our Personal Massage Oil report relief from diseases and conditions such as:

• Chronic inflammation
• Dryness
• Effects of chemotherapy
• Endometriosis
• Herpes
• Joint pain
• Low libido
• Menopause
• Muscle pain
• Painful sex
• Psoriasis
• STI’s

Genesis Pharms Personal Massage Oil is a spray made with coconut oil, white grape seed extract, and our Whole Plant Concentrate. It isn’t sticky or messy and is skin and genitalia-friendly.

It’s an excellent solution for people who want cannabis comfort but don’t want that high feeling from it. Some users claim to feel immediate relief from their nagging aches and pains.

This spray won the King Canna Cup as the best topical at Budfest in 2018. Find out why by applying it to your sore spots.

Ask your local dispensary for Genesis Pharms Personal Massage Oil today!


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