Thank you Sean & Wes & family! We’ve been in Eugene almost a year now, and I have tried almost every product on every dispensary shelf. Medibles being the most tricky, because they’re never strong enough; at least for me anyway. (minus the Guilds shatter candy!!! Which is tops. I love those folks, too). Honestly though, it’s really nice to talk to new friends about the scope of benefits from RSO and cannabis rubs and infused oil for baking. And like I said, having tried a lot of different products over ten months of Oregon living, Genesis Pharms has the most consistent, tested, and strong medicine I personally have had the luck to be able to try. So many different things in my life are coming to light as I walk away from pain. Probably as close to a pain free man as I’ve ever been. ‪#‎HellYeahFuckYeahPainFree‬

–Matthew Shaw

I am 62 years old and retired. I was diagnosed with elbow pain, right lateral epicondylitis (726.32), by a doctor, she suggested that I get a Cortisone shot in that area. I agreed. This shot seemed to relive the pain for about 3 weeks, after that the pain was back.

I decided to try an alternative method of pain relief. I made an appointment at the OMMC Clinic LLC in Salem, Oregon. I explained my condition to the physician, he suggested to try some cannabis infused pain balm.  One of the staff assistants said if I spread it around I should see some relief in 10 or 15 minutes.

He gave me a card where I could get some of the pain balm. I made a call to Sean Beeman of Genesis Pharms. My wife and I went to pick some balm up on 12-13-14, a date we won’t forget. They were right, I spread it around and rubbed it in. It started out with an icy feeling and melted in. I could not believe how effective it was.

I have used this pain balm before working in the yard, exercising etc. It makes it better to do these activities now, where before it was painful. I know now that when my pain starts, I can use this pain balm whenever I need it. I would highly recommend this pain balm for pain relief.

–Jeff Winchester

Been treating squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck(base of tongue) with RSO, diet & alkalizing and held that damn beast off for almost a year and a half now with a 4 MONTH (untreated) prognosis with NO chemo/radiation and my Docs were completely perplexed and then…….. I RAN OUT at the beginning of Oct and within 7 weeks time I had EVERY sign of metastasis to many different areas of the body including lymph nodes under right arm, on collar bone, upper groin area, bend of right arm and both sides of neck. Low grade fevers, abdominal pains BOTH sides, upper back pain(lungs), voice change, inner ear pains, swallowing probs, etc etc……. It took quite a while(felt like forever) to locate start up material in a prohibition state, learn the process, make more and I was back on by Nov 23 and ALL lymph node have now returned to normal, NO low grade fevers, not as fatigued and quality of life has returned with little to NO pains… BUT some of the changes that happened in that 7week period have NOT (tumor growth & swallowing) ear pains(indicative of tumor growth) still scares me… But I have faith in GOD and HOPE in people now because of the help of Sean and Kassy… From learning the process to the healing product itself… These guys at Genesis Pharms came for me when I had lost faith in everyone(including myself) … I’m just glad I kept that faith in GOD… Bc he sent me Angels with these guys!! This is my testimony to the healing power of RSO(unfortunately, I became the control for my own experiment) But now “I” KNOW it works!) I now just hope I can make up for that LOST time on RSO and at least get back to where I was healing and resting easy in a cradle filled with GOD’S own herb! So, if YOU don’t mind please say a prayer a this friend… Also, this is my testimony that there is still HOPE in mankind and unending LOVE from GOD!! Love and prayers to you ALL in the Beeman family… And to ALL you amazing people out there fighting the Good fight!!

–Noel Rhodes

Hey Sean! I know we’ve never spoken, but I’m Noel Rhoads’ daughter. Your name came up today so I decided to find and add you on here! I want to start off by saying I think what you do is amazing! Secondly, I want to express my appreciation for everything you’ve done for my daddy! As a daughter, it’s not only hard to accept that your father has cancer, it’s also hard to accept the fact that he’s going against the “norm” and using an alternative method of healing that’s never been “proven” (to the public at least). When he first told me that he had decided against chemo and radiation and that he was going to try a holistic approach I was skeptical; the unknown is scary, especially when your very own father’s life depends on it. I started doing some research of my own and couldn’t believe how many success stories I found! I now have no doubt in my mind my daddy took the right path in his journey towards being Cancer free! I just want to stress to you that none of this would’ve been possible without you! You’ve been his guardian angel and words will never be able to express the gratitude and love I have for you and what you’ve done for him! You’ve not only been a blessing to him, but to our whole family! He went through his life savings paying for scans and tests, I’m not sure if he’s gone into detail with you but my sister is a bad apple and she’s left two babies for her family to take care of because she couldn’t get her life together, I work two jobs so I can make sure I never have to ask my family for help..all I’m trying to say is our family has been sucked dry and out of nowhere you were our saving grace! Thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart! You didn’t have to help him, you didn’t even know him..but because of you my daddy still has a chance to be there to walk me down the isle, to be a grandfather to my children, to watch the grandchildren he already has grow! I could go on and on..thank you again! God will bless you!

–Noel Rhodes daughter

Here is my testimonial. I have very rare Birth Defects. missing organs, muscles, bits and parts. Many side effects. Kidney Disease aka Glomularnephritis- and only one small kidney from birth. Massive complications such as bladder rebuilt, Prostate Cancer at age 37!! Unknown internal mutations from mouth to other end. My entire Alimentary Canal. Gerd, IBS bladder IBD aka ICS, Adrenal gland issues, healing issues, stomach acid to insulin issues. I was going down fast and am still very fragile. spent 1 year with a catheter to pee. the mental issues from the difficulty of day to day life was enough for Oregon to legally declare me %100 sane and eligible to assisted suicide. then i got some RSO… i slowly improved. Upward my life went. Healthier I became. i am up and down. RSO does not grow organs back! Sadly RSO is also not a cure all, but it holds back the decline of my Kidney disease in the single small kidney. It keeps my /diabetes under the danger zone. my sanity is better so i have no killed anyone from the side effects of the steroids. WHO HELPED ME? SEAN & KASSY! i declined bad 2 months ago but they helped me and my scores are almost normal again! docs have seen me back down declines with RSO many times. I have proved to the entire Legacy Good Sam Hospital head of Pain dept that RSO works. He never listened, but He does now! by the way, I spread the RSO message in the media worldwide as a spokesperson for Medical issues and Kidney Disease advocate working 15+ countries a year. I mention RSO in interviews and in person. I’m one of the most famous people Genesis Pharms helps. That is part of how we got to know one another. We have been in the media decades ago for doing what we believe in no matter what society thought.

–Matt Gone

My dance with Kidney failure & Renal disease.

Let’s dance.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Renal disease and Chronic Kidney failure Stage II in November 2014. I then wanted to cure it naturally so I used the Rick Simpson Oil, and once to full dose repeated testing with my primary physicians through 1/29/2015.

My primary has documented everything. She told me everything has cleared and I am stable and Cured. There is a small residue which would probably never be eliminated because of scar tissue from a bad kidney infection at a very early age.

I want to thank God first for this amazing plant,Rick Simpson for formulating this wonderful oil (medicine) , and my mentor.

–Schmokin Granny

Good morning to all, my name is Timothy Jennings aka “big papa”. I’ve been needing to do this for a long time and i have posted testimonies of what this man has done for me. When i first met Genesis it was in Aug of 2010 and he then took me under his wing because I was battling lymphoma cancer, with great success it had been in remission for a very long time. I owe this man my life…. How do you repay some one for something so precious? Tears flow when i think of people suffering needlessly from a disease (not all are success stories). But are more than not…. Sean has been a blessing to me and a few others i was able to help through him.

As far as I’m concerned this man is a “Rock Star” and i stand behind his work of unconditional love…. He doesn’t talk about it, he simply lives by example. And if i live long enough, i would hope to become half the man his father raised him to be. Until recently my cancer hadn’t bothered me but now it’s rearing its evil head in another way. It’s now showing up in my jaw.

And the VA did not want to deal with it and put m appointments months away for any help. Sean again is stepping up to the plate and helping out a man who feels unworthy of such help. I am humbled by his generosity and am so thankful because I am putting the oil right in the nasty stuff showing up in my jaw. The VA doctors were starting to be concerned of my cannabis use and coming to the VA for opiates. But i had titrated myself off them using the oil. i showed them the medicine bottles. And i also invoked my Native American right to use natural medicines. i was on 28 different medications and now am down to four, my blood pressure and heart meds and fish oil and vitamins and of course Cannabis my sole source for pain medication.

i am hoping i can beat this one but i am very tired and i deal with a lot of pain, but it lets me no I’m still alive. I’m no longer in a wheelchair and i walk with a cane. i will fight till my last breath and with my friend Sean Beeman on our side i am confident all will be well. And that i will be able to pick my rock carving tools once more, i miss creating things. Sean, i thank you and my wife thanks you for all you have done for me and those i have come to you for help. We all love you dearly.

May God bless you in all you lay your hands to do. Your lil bud, big papa

–Timothy Jennings

I started taking RSO from Genesis Pharms about a year ago in very small doses. About the size of half a grain of rice 2-3 times a day. I was diagnosed with Lupus – an autoimmune efficiency disorder when I was 17 – and was just recently diagnosed with a Ankylosing Spondylitis which is arthritis of the spine and hips. I have a lot of inflammation and pain in my body on a daily basis. Upon taking the RSO I noticed almost immediately that my inflammation had gone down significantly and I was also sleeping much better – which was rare for me, due to pain.

About a month ago, after a Doctor’s visit, I discovered that my blood work came back negative for Lupus meaning I’m in full remission. I still have AS, but knowing the Lupus is basically gone is quite the miracle and I can’t help but think it had something to do with taking the RSO.

Unfortunately I can’t take it at the moment due to moving to a different country for a year – but when I come back I definitely plan on taking it again

— Erinn Streckfuss

I have truly enjoyed the community, working on the farm has always been a fun learning experience. I have made many friends and met all kinds of people! The system for workers was very well organized and made everything a breeze!

When I heard about RSO I felt disbelief and curiosity. I have back problems there’s a slipped disc and a fracture in the disc below in my lower back. I have fibromyalgia, sciatica, IBS and have been amazed with the results I’ve seen in my body pains fade after taking a small dose. If I have had trouble sleeping I take a bit more and sleep like a baby. I had my best friend try RSO because she had many chronic pain conditions and kidney problems. She got stones and infections often and when she started taking rice grain size sparingly her kidney problems stopped!

The lube was fun, I would’ve preferred a stronger dose but I have a really high tolerance lol. I enjoyed the warm sensations that built up as it soaked in. I wish it had more of an effect for my partner during but we both experienced a more intense climax.

–Jamie Leigh

Hi there. Just wanted to send you a review of the personal lubricant. The first thing that I loved about it was the sprayer. No messy hands! Or wasted product. We really loved the smell of the coconut oil. There was no stickiness like with other lubricant. And you don’t need a lot of it. I could feel a relaxing sensation pretty quickly. Was very relaxing and could still feel the effects after intercourse. Thanks for the sample. It’s the only thing that has allowed me to have sex during chemotherapy.


My brother-in-law was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and as always we run to Sean and Kassy for help they are our life savers. My brother has been on RSO for three months now and has returned to his Dr. who was highly against medical marijuana and was highly upset that my brother refused chemo and radiation his return to the Dr. for re testing showed no signs of cancer . Once again a Big Shout Out To RSO And To Sean And Kassy Much Love To You Both

–Clarissa Buck

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