The foundation of Genesis Pharms is deeply rooted in the belief of the power of cannabis to help and to heal.

An extraordinary personal healing experience helped shape Sean and Kassy Beeman’s passion for reducing pain and suffering in others. With this first hand knowledge, they knew they had to share the herb’s capabilities with those in need.

That’s how Genesis Pharms was born. They have since grown into a compassionate community of like minded folks, generating top quality cannabis products made with love and care.

Sean’s Story

In 2005, Sean was diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis C. Over the next 5 years, he tried every form of Western and Eastern medicine available, both pharmaceutical and herbal. Nothing worked. In 2010, his doctor told him he had 3 – 5 years to live, and his quality of life was over. Sean had heard about the positive healing effects of Whole Plant Concentrate but had qualms about the production process and making it himself. So he called Rick Simpson. Bottom line: Rick told him that the liver was designed to heal itself, and the only thing he had to lose was the disease. Then he hung up! Rick’s words spurred Sean to action. He made his first batch of Whole Plant Concentrate and began to ingest it daily. In the first 90 days, he lost 100 pounds – part of the process of cleansing the body of years of built up “sludge” and toxins. 11 months later, Sean’s doctor took a biopsy and declared the liver cured.

A Tribute

We pay homage to our dear friend and long standing mentor Robert G. Schmidt, The Cannabis Cowboy, for successfully paving the road for the medical marijuana movement to begin. Schmidt was at the forefront of Proposition 215 in California and started one of the first legal medical marijuana grows, Genesis Pharms. We took the torch he lit and continue to do his work today. You can find Schmidt’s memoir by clicking here.

Genesis Pharms leads a budding cannabis industry into the future

With over 20 years of experience in the medical marijuana industry, and over 7 years of experience in cannabis extractions, Genesis Pharms is taking the lead in setting quality standards for the industry. We specialize in making Whole Plant Concentrate and a variety of cannabis infused products  – all organically and sustainably farmed.

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