High CBD Tincture

High_CBD_TinctureThis High CBD tincture is designed for those with sensitivity to THC. Unlike some other tinctures, Genesis Pharms tinctures are made from liquid coconut oil and RSO. It is pure and effective. When taken under the tongue, tinctures allow for fast delivery of medicinal benefits and a short wait time to determine whether the desired effect has been achieved or more is needed. Many patients, though, add their tincture to a cup of tea or cranberry juice for easy delivery. When tincture is used in a beverage, absorption will be slower than if absorbed under the tongue, and you may experience a psychoactive effect. The higher concentration of cannibidiol (CBD) in this tincture actually reduces the psychoactive effects of THC while increasing the overall effectiveness of the preparation.

Genesis Pharms High CBD Products –

Whole Plant Concentrate

We also make High THC Tincture!

High THC Tincture

High THC Tincture

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